Pilot project launches with KalDer on institutionalizing

Pilot project implementations are started within the context of the  “Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey Project”, which is financed by the EU and the Republic of Turkey, implemented by the UNDP and with the Ministry of Development as the final beneficiary. The focus of the pilot project to be conducted in cooperation with Turkish Quality Association (KalDer) will be institutionalizing.

The pilot project to be implemented in cooperation with KalDer has started with an opening event within the scope of the Total Factor Productivity (TFP) Project, which is being implemented to define the obstacles in front of economic efficiency and to determine the solutions. The event was held on January 19, 2018 at Istanbul Sheraton Grand Ataşehir Hotel with the participation of the Ministry of Development, KalDer, UNDP TFV Project officials and companies included in the project.

During the meeting, the participants were informed on the progress of the TFV Project. The pilot project led by KalDer was evaluated with the stakeholders and the steps to be taken in the next period were also determined.

With the pilot project, application processes of companies that have already received awards for assessing the effectiveness of the EFQM Excellence Model on institutionalization and productivity will be evaluated. In addition, the impacts of processes like quality management on institutionalization will be analyzed, and a road map will be drawn up for the stages in which the government can get involved and accelerate in these areas.